Salt Chlorine Generators – The Importance of Pure Salt

If you choose to go down the salt water chlorinator route, it is most important that you use good quality salt.

Don’t just buy the cheapest salt available.

Low quality salt can cause staining, scale and increased demand for chlorine. Some salt crystals contain contaminants which contribute to the above problems and cause cloudy water. The salt with the most impurities are usually produced via mining (rock) or solar evaporation.

swimming pool for kidsMechanically evaporated salt is usually the best as it has the fewest impurities. The high heat used to produce this salt destroys the natural contaminants, a process not possible in solar or mined salt.

Look for Signs of Quality

How do you tell if you purchased poor quality salt?

The shape of the crystals could be a giveaway. Irregular crystals usually contain the contaminants that cause the problems. The more irregular the crystals, the more impurities they contain. The more uniform the crystal, the purer it is, making it the best choice for pools.

The best quality salts contain anti-scale and anti- stain re-agents, and are guaranteed to work best in saltwater pools.