Can You Afford A Pool? 4 Things To Consider

Well manicured swimming pool and deck area

A pool is one of the most monumental amenities you can add to your home. But it’s also one of the best investments you can make. So, before anything else, you want to ask yourself this fundamental question; can I afford a pool? In other words, you want to ensure you have considered all the costs involved and are prepared for the expense. 

But don’t worry if you have no clue about the cost of getting a pool in Ontario or the factors you need to consider and implement to afford your dream pool. We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll go over five things that will help you budget for your perfect type of pool.

1. Total Cost

The first thing that should influence how to pay for a new pool and whether you can afford it is the total cost of putting up the amenity. And NO, we’re not just alluding to the construction; several other expenses contribute to the total cost of owning or affording a pool. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

  • Construction costs. These comprise everything from excavation to concrete work and the installation of the pool itself. Essentially, construction costs vary depending on the size and type of your pool. 
  • Maintenance costs. These include the cost of the chemicals needed to maintain the water quality and utility expenses to run the pool equipment system. We at Leisure Industries carry the most energy-efficient pool equipment on the market, significantly reducing the cost to operate an average-sized pool. 
  • Permits. Depending on where you live, you may be required to obtain permits for certain aspects of the project. 

2. Type of Pool

We offer three different types of pools to choose from in order to fit everyone’s budget needs. Above grounds are permanent structures that sit on top of the ground and are the most affordable (ie ideal for smaller budgets). Semi-inground (also referred to as on-ground pools) are structures that are installed halfway into the ground and are the middle of the line for affordability. Lastly, we have inground pools which are installed completely underground and are ideal for larger budgets. 

Whether you are looking for an above-ground, on-ground or inground pool, our team of experts are ready to walk you through your options. Contact us today!

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3. Landscaping 

Around every pool always comes some landscaping work to create your backyard oasis. Depending on the type of pool you may want to add some decorative features to really give you the backyard of your dreams. If you are interested in an above-ground pool this sometimes involves adding a beautiful wooden or composite deck. However, when you are looking at inground pools you must keep in mind the added expenses that can occur through interlock/concrete decking, waterfalls, fire pits, gazebos and outdoor kitchens.  

Pool Size and Equipment

Another factor that should influence how to afford a swimming pool is the size of the amenity. Can I afford a large pool, or do I need something smaller? The answer depends on your lifestyle and how many guests you typically entertain at your home. 

For instance, if you host large gatherings often, you’ll probably need a larger pool. On the other hand, if you rarely entertain guests, you might only need a small pool. 

The quality of the pool equipment will greatly affect the cost as well. Like anything in the world, there are options when it comes to pool equipment (good, better and best). Some might want the best equipment out there. You can purchase good quality equipment that will not break the bank but still provide a functioning pool to use throughout the summer. 

Leisure Industries is Your Go-To Pool Company in Ontario 

Are you in the market for the best swimming pool products in Ontario that you can afford? Then Leisure Industries is the place to go! With over 100 models, we will help you find the perfect pool for your home, no matter what style you prefer. Whether you’re looking for a traditional inground pool or an aboveground pool, our team can help you find a suitable model for your lifestyle.