The service I received from Leisure was amazing.
They went above and beyond my expectations and my backyard now looks outstanding. We love our new pool and hot tub. It has been put to great use this summer and we have received nothing but compliments from friends and family. Would highly recommend Leisure to anyone!
Melissa R
Oakville, ON

Leisure Industries has been such a great find!
We are totally thrilled with the knowledge, care and expertise that we receive. Thanks for making sure we get honest, thorough service. The products are also good value.
Gay H.
Oakville, ON

I get all my pool and spa supplies here, all my servicing and repair is done through Leisure as well as all my requests for advice are answered honestly and promptly by Pat and Jill.
I have been a resident of northeast Oakville since 1990 and have owned a pool for all those years and a hot tub since 2005. I struggled for years to find a personable professional to work with me on our summer fun pastime toys, until Pat and Jill opened their first store in Oakville on Iroquois Shore Rd. It is so refreshing to walk into a busy service industry like Leisure and have people call you by name, smile and say I will be right with you, I have to help this gentlemen/lady first and then they actually do come right to you. The product line and diversity of chemicals are excellent for all your needs and if you engage either Pat, Jill or any of their knowledgeable staff I am confident that you will resolve any issue that is related to your pool or spa. Jill’s explicit instructions after a water analysis will keep you on the right path for clean and healthy water conditions every time. And nobody knows pools like Pat who actually takes as long as is possible to converse with his customers so that they are fully aware of what is needed to solve their issues. And most of all they are from Oakville and enjoy our community through donations, volunteering and in cases sponsoring events in their own community.
Jym G.
Oakville, ON

Really glad to have met Pat and Jill. They helped us big time…
First time we spoke with Pat & Jill was when we moved into Oakville five years ago. The house we were planning to purchase had a pool that wasn’t winterised and it was late November and already iced up. Everyone else we called would not provide pool inspection help this late in the year but Pat and Jill sent someone over right away and without charge. They knew we would be back with this kind of service even though they could have lost out if our house deal did not go through. When we finally took early possession of the house mid December they came out in the freezing cold and installed a proper safety cover and managed to winterise it. In early spring they advised and helped with all pool opening aspects and we were up and running in a pretty short time especially as we had to remove over three feet of leaves and debris from the pool as it hadn’t been used nor covered all the prior year. Of course with this service you could imagine how crazy we would have to be to go to someone else. They always had any needed supplies in stock and were reasonably priced. Two years later the pool pump broke down and just before closing time Pat came with me to the house and showed me how to take the pump apart. Guess what, the shaft was full of pine needles and once removed and with some locktight on the screws, was up and running with out any charge. Guess who is now a regular customer…and who recommends Leisure Industries very hightly…Cheers Pat and Jill.
Derrick K.
Oakville, ON

Very pleased
Have had our pool for seven years .We live north of Acton yet it is worth the drive to Oakville to deal with Patty And Jill and the rest of the folks at Leisure Industries From our first experience we were extremely impressed with the design and to the completion everything was as promised and on time and budget We also purchased and fresh water pool which at first was a leap of faith. The system is GREAT ! This is our third pool and I would never go back to salt or chlorine . Their showroom is impressive. Lots of choice for furniture. Look forward to dealing with them hopefully early in the season
Elmer M.
Erin, ON

Swimming Pool/Spa, knowledge, sales, installation, service
I first dealt with the principals behind Leisure Industries over 35 years ago and have over those years I have purchased and had them install 1 in-ground pool, 1 above ground pool, and had them basically re-build an existing in-ground pool plus the purchase and installation of 1 hot tub/spa. They have been nothing but spectacular when it comes from the initial dealings, consultations, installation, pricing and finally support on the pools and spas they have sold and installed for us over those 35 plus years. I would personally recommend them for all your pool and leisure product needs or even if it is just to drop in if you want t get an opinion or discuss your pool situation. For an example based on a set of extraordinary circumstances but still an incredible feet they installed from start to finish an in-ground 18X36 kidney shaped pool 8 1/2 ft deep , with heater, 3 ft concrete walkway around the pool and had the pool full of water and ready to go in 7 days. Not an everyday or realistic expectation but the fact that it was completed in that time frame was truly amazing.
Gary S.
Ridgeway, ON