Bring Your Pool Water to Life Under the Stars

Swimming pool lights are available for above ground and inground pools, so you can have the ethereal ambiance your family wants regardless of your budget. The relaxing soft light from your swimming pool adds an inviting design element to your yard and, of course, gives your pool a 24 hours-a-day swimming option.

Easy-to-install above ground pool lights

Above ground swimming pool lights are easy to install – some use magnets and batteries so you can place and move them as often as you please.

Add permanent beauty with inground pool lights

Inground LED pool lights create a distinct ambiance even if you don’t plan on swimming tonight.

The glow creates otherworldly warmth that looks great from your outdoor patio furniture or the bedroom overlooking your yard.

Ingroundpool lights tend to be more expensive and challenging to install, but return a very long lifespan and require no maintenance.

LED pool lights cut out your maintenance completely

LED swimming pool lights are brighter and more vibrant, longer –lasting and more efficient than old-style incandescent bulbs. Chances are you’ll never replace a single bulb once your LED pool lights are installed. Pick out your favourite model in our showroom or online and enjoy the pool with your family into the night this weekend.

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