A Complete Guide to Pool Heaters

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Ready to take a dip into a nice, refreshing pool? Without a pool heater, it would be too cold for most people’s comfort, at least in our climate. Even over the summer, many people need to run a pool heater to get their pool water to a temperature they enjoy. Here is everything you need to know about pool heaters and how to use them.

What is a Heated Pool? 

A heated pool is an indoor or outdoor pool that has warmer water than it would naturally. In our climate, you need a dedicated heater for your pool to get the water warm and keep it warm. A pool heater will make spring, fall, and cooler summer days in the pool much more enjoyable. 

Types of Pool Heaters 

Pool heaters are specific to the size and type of pool you have. There are different-sized pool heaters, and you must ensure that you’ve chosen the right type for your pool. 

Then, there are three main types of fuel for your pool heater you can choose from:  

1. Solar pool heater

These heaters harness the natural power of the sun to heat water.

2. Gas pool heater

Gas pool heaters run on natural gas or propane, which is a cost-effective fuel option .

3. Heat pump heaters

heat pump pool heaters are the most common. They are convenient because your pool’s filter and other powered aspects often run on electricity. 

Want to enjoy your pool in fall and cooler summer days? At Leisure Industries, our team is here to help you choose the right pool heater for you! Contact us today!

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How Much Does a Pool Heater Cost? 

If you already have a pool, then installing a pool heater for it typically costs anywhere from $3000 to $5000. That includes the price of the heater and paying a pool technician to come and install it. The cost of running the heater will vary depending on the type you chose, the size of the pool and the costs of the fuel in your area.

The most economical model is the heat pump, as it uses thermal energy from the air as its fuel which is free. Plus, it’s extremely efficient and eco-friendly! The most expensive heater is a propane heater, and natural gas would fall in the middle range.  

Get a Premium Pool Heater at Leisure Industries

Luckily, we can help you better estimate your specific costs. Leisure Industries has pool heaters you can use to make your pool comfortable even in colder weather. Check through our selection or reach out to a Leisure Industries expert for help in choosing the right pool heater for you. 

Updated 2023.