Quick and Easy Winter Prep for Your Pool

Protect your pool by closing it right

If you don’t close it down right, your pool can suffer substantial (and expensive) damage over the winter.
Water trapped in your jet lines or skimmer intake can expand and damage parts buried under earth and concrete. Repairs aren’t easy.
Get everything you need to close your pool properly so there are no surprises next spring.

The basics

Generally, most pool closings call for:

A cover Water tubes Skimmer plugs (Gizzmos) Winterizing chemicals

If you have those, you’re good to go.

Choose a safety cover

Pool safety covers are the best choice for covering your pool during the winter.

They prevent animals and kids from falling into the pool when it’s closed for the winter. They’re also more secure, keeping debris from making its way into the water.

Don’t skimp on the chemicals

Pool chemicals keep your water from turning toxic through the winter.

Your chlorine levels should be very high heading into the winter (something around 3.0) and get your pH and alkalinity to normal levels (pH should be between 7.2 – 7.6 and alkalinity between 100-150 ppm).

Always dissolve your granular chemicals

If you plan to use any granular chemicals, pour them into a bucket and let them dissolve before transferring to the pool.

This ensures even dispersal through the water.

Get it all at once place

Make a single trip to grab all your swimming pool winterizing supplies and be confident you did everything right to protect your pool over the winter.

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