Our Solutions to 3 Tough Pool Installation Challenges

Waterfall flowing into a pool

Not every yard can fit a pool, but at Leisure Industries, we think some pool designers and installers give up prematurely. We’ve dedicated ourselves to finding the best solutions to common pool installation problems so that you can have your dream pool even when your lot presents some challenges. If you have rocky terrain, an irregular lot, or limited sun exposure, read on for the solutions to your pool installation problems.

Installing a Pool on Rocky Terrain

Unfortunately, rocky terrain is a common problem for homeowners in some areas. Significant amounts of rock in your backyard soil can make excavation far too costly. We can do an assessment of your yard to determine any potential excavation issues and if we can work around them. If we can’t, you still have options.

Choose an above-ground inground pool (also called an on-ground pool) that is designed to give you the benefits of an inground pool without extra excavation. These pools can be designed to be partly submerged in the ground, taking advantage of any area of your yard that isn’t full of rock. These pools can also be used on steep lots.

Alternatively, you can choose an above ground pool and build a deck around it, so that you get the joy of being on the same level as your pool, without dramatically increasing the cost.

Building a Pool on an Irregular Lot

Some home builders partition out irregular lots so that you end up with a weirdly shaped yard. Regardless of why the builder chose to do this, you don’t have to let it interfere with your dreams of having a backyard pool.

Some pool installers will tell you that you’re out of luck if one of their pre-made pools doesn’t fit your yard. At Leisure Industries, we will create a custom-shaped pool with a custom liner. Pools with vinyl liners can actually be any shape you want. Typically, we don’t have to even do something too crazy to get a pool in your yard—but we are willing to go the extra mile where needed.

Enjoying a Pool with Limited Sun Exposure

Those who are blessed with mature trees on their property are also cursed to have a cold pool, right? No, there are solutions that can allow you to have a perfectly comfortable pool, even in a shaded area. The most obvious solution is to install a quality pool heater that has the capacity to create a lot of heat.

You can also consider removing whatever is creating shade in your yard. With the advice of an arborist, mature trees can be trimmed back (without even impacting their health). You can remove privacy trellises and other garden structures to let in some light.

Pool in a backyard

Building Your Dream Pool in Any Lot

Even if you don’t see your specific pool installation problem on this list, do reach out to us at Leisure Industries. We are dedicated to making your dream pool a reality. For all of your pool and spa needs contact Leisure Industries