Pool Liners Toronto’s Winters Won’t Break

Many customers come to us with the idea that a pool liner is a pool liner. Would you paint your bedroom a colour that doesn’t reflect your overall design style or personal taste? Of course not. The pool liner is one of the most visible elements of a swimming pool, and it should add to the ambiance you hope to create in your yard. Don’t settle for a liner design that is just alright. Come by our showroom and put us to work finding the exact right style for your taste.

Come by and ask one of our expert staff what we can do for you, or pick up the phone and give us a call. When they see our prices on pool liners, Toronto, Oakville, Milton & Mississauga homeowners are speechless!

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A Variety of Liner Options

Get the right liner, either for your above ground pool , onground, or inground pool.

You get an incredibly durable product with high quality colour pigment that will last longer (fade much slower) than the competition. We also offer multiple liner installation types, including the standard overlap style and the more sturdy beaded style for above ground pools.

Pool Liners Toronto

Our Liners Are Top Quality

  • Overlap liners stretch over the top wall of the pool. The liner runs up the wall of the pool and extends slightly down the exterior. They are held in place by the top rail of the pool, and owners can trim the exterior so that no liner shows below the exterior top rail.
  • Bead liners simplify the liner replacement process. A coping is fastened to the top wall of the pool and the beaded liner snaps in. The pool top rail then rests over the beaded coping. This is particularly useful for aboveground pools built in to a raised deck. The beaded liner is standard on inground and onground pools
Pool Liners Toronto

Installation Is Up To You Too

We want to ensure you are as involved or removed from the pool installation process as you want to be. We offer three installation programs, including

  • Complete installation
  • Assisted installation
  • Do it yourself