Swim All Year, Hot Tub All Year

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The perfect alternative to a traditional pool

In Ontario, a swimming pool is useful for about 4 months out of the year – 5 if you’re particularly tough.
For lots of families, that’s perfect. It turns the summer months into swimming months.
But if you want to swim all year and your kids want to play in the water all year, a swim spa is perfect for you.

hot tub and swim spas in oakville

Relax, swim, soak – do it all

A swim spa is simultaneously your:

A cover Hot tub Swimming pool Hydrotherapy tub Social hub

And you get it year round.

swim spas in oakville

Ready to install as soon as you are

A swim spa doesn’t call for a disruptive installation.
There’s no digging, no special equipment, no contractors.
We crane it into place, you fill it with water. That’s all!

What do you get with a swim spa?

  • Powerful swim resistance jets
  • Relaxing hydrotherapy jets
  • A fibreglass shell that lasts almost forever
  • Comfortable seating for lots of people
  • Dense insulating foam for energy efficiency
  • A textured, anti-slip floor
  • Comfortable headrests

Visit our showroom and see your swim spa today

Looking online is fun, but come in to see your swim spa in person for a whole different experience.
Get excited about the possibilities for your family, and get yours installed this weekend!

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