Tips for Selling Your Home with a Pool According to Experts

image of residential pool Selling your home with a pool? Pools are typically recognized as an asset in the housing market. Many potential buyers are looking for houses with a pool or consider it a bonus if it has one, especially those with children.

However, the way you present your pool can impact whether it helps or harms your capacity to sell. A dirty or green pool is likely to be a big turnoff, so it’s important to take the cleanliness of your pool as seriously as you take the cleanliness of the interior of your house when you are showing it to potential buyers.

You want to make sure your pool and surrounding area is well maintained and inviting at all times. The following simple tips will help you do just that.

Key Tips for Selling Your Home with a Pool

In order to provide the best vision for potential buyers of what their new pool could look like, ensure that you do the following before each showing:

  • Ensure the water is professionally tested and balanced
  • Make sure your filter, pump, heater and sanitizer are optimized and operating well
  • Vacuum the floor of the pool for any debris (or time your robotic pool cleaner to take care of this for you)
  • Skim the water surface for leaves or other larger debris
  • Store all chemicals out of sight in a storage shed or garage
  • Spray down the surrounding deck area to get rid of dirt and debris
  • Pull any weeds from the deck, grass or garden
  • Tidy the area around the pool, removing any trash or clutter
  • Decorate with plants, lawn chairs or pool toys to demonstrate what the pool looks like in use

It is advised to take care of any major fixes or upgrades to the pool before you even list the house. As well, do your research so that you have a realistic understanding of the value of a swimming pool. This will help you determine how much it will raise the value of your home overall.

Target The Right Buyers at the Right Time

Did you know that the biggest market for homes with backyard pools in Canada is middle-aged buyers with teenagers? Keep this in mind when you target buyers in the housing market!

Selling your house is a busy time. Many homeowners become overwhelmed trying to keep their inside, outside, and pool areas in tip-top shape at all times. There are pool service companies available to perform weekly maintenance to keep your pool perfect for showing your house.

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