Essential equipment to keep your pool clean, safe and fun

Your family invested in happiness with a swimming pool. The equipment keeping your pool clean, safe and fun doesn’t last forever. When the time comes to replace it, an investment in quality pool equipment is the best thing you can do. It lasts longer, works better, and requires less maintenance than low quality pool equipment.


Low maintenance pool filters are best. Low maintenance means simple designs, and that translates to a low likelihood of repairs in your future.


Never let the early fall weather control your swimming pool again! A good heater can keep your swimming water comfortable later into the year than you know.

Gas or heat pump style heaters give you a great range of cost options to choose from.


A clean pool is a family-friendly pool.

Choose from one of the three automatic pool cleaners – robotic, suction and pressure. We are happy to make recommendations based on your pool size, shape, debris type and budget.


Single speed and variable speed pumps allow you to choose your features based on your budget and interest in long-term energy savings.

Maintenance equipment

Brushes, skimmers, vacuums, skimmer screens and baskets, pool cover rollers and more. The accessories and replacement parts to keep your pool working every day.

Stop by to talk about equipment upgrades today

Pool equipment is an investment in your quality of life, just like the pool itself.
Stop by our showroom and talk to us about what you need. We’ll help you find the right pool equipment replacements or upgrades in no time.

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