Choose the right type, right size

One filter size doesn’t fit all pools. Before you shop for a new swimming pool filter, make sure you know the size of your pool. Your filter retailer will make sure you don’t buy a too-small or too-large filter for your water volume.
When you know the size, you can choose the type that’ll deliver the best value for your family.

Sand pool filters. The most popular solution

Sand filters are the most popular swimming pool filter because:

They are affordable. They are low maintenance.

Sand filters remove large and medium sized debris, large enough for the large majority of swimming pools. Sand filters never require chemical cleaning, so your ongoing cost of ownership is low.

Cartridge filters for finer filtering

Cartridge filters remove finer particles than sand filters and require more maintenance. Cartridge maintenance is done in two ways, depending on how soiled the cartridge is:

  • A quick spray-down with the garden hose.
  • Application of disinfecting chemicals to remove algae and bacteria.

Better filtration at a higher cost than sand filters.

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