Take your time back

15 years ago, automatic swimming pool cleaners were more gimmick than utility.
But modern automatic pool cleaners are everything those old units wanted to be.
Quick cleaning cycles, efficient energy use and intuitive designs make a new automatic pool cleaner a smart investment for busy families.

Choose your favourite style

Automatic pool cleaners come in a handful of styles:

Pressure Suction Robotic

Suction units are the most basic. Pressure units clean thoroughly, but cost a lot to buy and operate. Robotic units are expensive to buy, and filter independently of your pool system.

The rule of thumb with automatic pool cleaners

With automatic pool cleaners, what you pay for is what you get.

More expensive units clean better, faster and more efficiently.

Before shopping, get an idea of just how pristine you want your pool liner to be. Ask a pro about the best option to maintain this standard.

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Stop by and find the best model for your pool and lifestyle. We’ll show you lots of options so you can make the most informed automatic pool cleaner purchase.

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