A new inground pool liner brings your pool back to life

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Choose professional installation for a tight, wrinkle-free finish

Professional installation guarantees your liner will fit perfectly in your pool with no wrinkles or air gaps.
If there’s ever a problem with your installation, we’ll fix it free of charge.
Find the perfect design to match your family’s style online or in our showroom today, and book a professional installation to get your like-new pool up and running as soon as possible.

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Choose a pool liner that’s beautiful to you

A new liner brings your inground pool back to life. The faded, stretched liner you have today is more of a deterrent than an invitation to jump in. The right colour and pattern will turn that around and give you reason to invite friends and family to an afternoon by the water.

Why your ink matters the most

The look of your liner is the most important thing.

Quality ink ensures your colour and pattern last as long as the liner itself.

Quality ink resists the fading effects of chlorine, fungicide and algaecide treatments over the next 15 years.