Great entertainment – inflatables pool toys for kids

Infants, toddlers and young kids all love floating (and jumping, splashing, yelling, etc…) around the pool on the weekend.
You can give them some extra fun in the water with a colourful, durable inflatable.
Beachballs, floating lounges, goggles, water wings and floating fun creatures all make the pool a little more exciting for your kids.

Catch some sun with inflatables for adults

Floating around the pool on an adult swimming pool float is a great way to balance warming up under the sun with cooling down in the water.

Double floating lounges are great for couples who want to relax together. A giant parrot inflatable lounge is a great way to relax alone.

Play a game together

Set up a water basketball or volleyball game and show the kids you still got it.

Make your pool more than a lounge. Give your family the option to be lazy or rowdy.

Bring your family together with inflatable pool toys

High quality inflatable pool toys last long and stand up to heavy use by your most rambunctious family members.
Stop by and pick up a selection to bring your pool to life this weekend!

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