An Efficient & Effective Pool Heater for Your Family

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Swim in comfort any time you want

A cool day in the late summer shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your pool. An efficient gas pool heater or heat pump pool heater gives your family a longer swimming season without diving into your bank account to pay for the heat.
Hayward pool heaters give your family accurate and responsive control of pool temperature so you can jump in comfortably any time you want.
Choose the fuel that best suits your area and get yours installed today.

Gas pool heaters

A gas pool heater gets your pool water comfortable fast.

It works on a scale of minutes or hours, where other options work on a scale of hours or days.

Gas heat is ideal if you don’t use your pool every day and only want to heat it up on the weekend.

Open your pool earlier in the spring and swim later into the fall with an efficient gas pool heater.

Heat pump pool heaters

Heat pumps excel at efficiency.

If you prefer to maintain a constant water temperature, your heat pump pool heater can deliver about 70% savings over a gas pool heater.

Heat pumps don’t burn fuel. They pull heat from the surrounding air and transfer that into your pool water. They work more slowly, but you can keep your pool at a consistent temperature all season once it gets there.

Weigh your options, make the most informed choice

Stop by and find the best model for your pool and lifestyle. We’ll show you lots of options so you can make the most informed pool heater purchase.

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