How to Properly Close Your Pool for Winter Step-By-Step

How to close my pool

Pool-closing time is a sad time of the year for everyone. It marks the end of summer fun and the beginning of colder weather.

It’s understandable that many people choose to keep their pools open longer, as an open pool is much more appealing than a closed one. But if it’s too cold to swim and there are leaves and other debris falling into the pool, you may want to close it. In this article, we explain the best way to winterize your outdoor pool.

Why closing a pool (the right way) is important

The two main reasons why it’s important–and necessary here in Canada–to close your pool is to:

  • Protect it from damage due to freezing temperatures
  • Keep it as clean as possible for the next season
  • Keep the area safe for kids or animals

How to Prepare Your Pool For Winter

Opening and closing your pool is an endless cycle that pool owners know all too well.

It can be such a hassle, especially if you lead a busy life. That’s why we want to take some of the hassle out with this guide.

Step 0: Consider Using Our Closing Kit

pool closing kitClosing a pool can be a tedious and overwhelming process, especially if this is your first time doing it.

At Leisure Industries, we make it easy with our Pool Closing Kit! It will keep your water clean and clear all winter long, so when you’re ready to re-open your pool next year, your pool will look great!

Once you’re ready to close it up for the year, here are our top 6 tips to help you through the process.

Step 1. Prep your pool water

Before you close your pool, it’s important to make sure your pool water will stay algae-free and healthy throughout the winter.

Try adding in a phosphate remover or other anti-algae solution to help keep the algae out.

Step 2. Thoroughly clean your pool

pool cleaningIt’s important that you get all of the debris, leaves, dirt, and insects out of your pool before closing it for the year.

Brush and vacuum your pool floors and walls to prevent algae and ensure an easier spring opening.

Step 3. Check your water levels

The water level needs to be lowered just below the jets. This enables you to blow out the lines.

Once the lines are clear of water, you need to plug the returns with winterizing plugs to ensure the water does not get back into the lines.

To properly support your winter cover, your water level should never exceed a depth of 18” from the deck. The equipment will also need to be winterized properly to ensure there is no water is left in the pump, filter and any other equipment you have.

Step 4. Balance pool water pH

Pool water cleaningWhen was the last time you checked if your pool chemistry is balanced?

Make sure you balance the water before putting a cover over it all winter.

Need help checking your pool water? Bring in a sample and we’ll check it for free!

5. Shock and chlorinate

Pool shocking is great because it:

  • Kills bacteria
  • Prevents algae
  • Frees up chlorine

6. Install a safety cover or winter cover

Protect your pool and your family throughout the winter by installing a proper cover over your pool. There are three types available:

All three types are available at Leisure Industries.

Let’s get started

When you’re ready to get your pool closed for the winter, give us a call.

We’re here to help, and we’re happy to do so!

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Updated 2022.