Safest Decks to Have Surrounding Your Swimming Pool

The area around your swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your landscape.

It’s the space where everyone gathers while sitting poolside, it helps define your pool’s personality and style, and complements your backyard landscaping.

There are a variety of manmade and natural materials that create a beautiful, safe pool deck.

Out with the old, in with the new

The days of plain concrete patios are gone.

Now, a pool patio can dramatically improve your home’s landscape design.

A swimming pool is already a beautiful focal point of your space, but it would lose its appeal if you don’t adorn it with a stunning deck.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Pool Deck

1. Price

While pool decks made of various exotic materials have great aesthetic appeal, they can be costly, especially if each stone needs to be installed individually.

Be sure to do your research on different deck materials, prior to buying and beginning the installation process.

2. Maintenance

All of the materials mentioned in this blog have a long lifespan, but some of them do require extra maintenance.

If you are wanting a material that you can install and forget about, be sure to weigh all your options prior to landing on one decking type.

3. Heat Reflectivity

For the areas surrounding your pool, you want to ensure that the deck is comfortable and not scorching hot for bare feet.

4. Slip Resistance

Because of the mixture of water, walking, and playing that occurs around a pool, slip resistance is a high priority.

All pool deck materials can become slippery when wet, but there are ways to improve the surface traction without detracting from the aesthetic appeal.

5. Design

Depending on your existing landscaping or pool design, the decorative aspects you apply to your pool deck can vary.

Try incorporating broom-finished concrete, flagstone, brick, imprinted patterns, mixing and matching stones and decorative treatments, and so much more.

The possibilities are endless!

Stamped Concrete

This variation of concrete is customizable in various patterns, so it makes a great choice for patios.

If you’re looking for a slip-resistant surface, be sure not to choose a stamped concrete with a smooth pattern.


  • Very customizable for pattern, texture, and stain colour
  • Simple and quick installation


  • Smooth surfaces can be slippery around the pool, depending on surface type
  • In the Canadian climate, may crack during the winter

Man-Made Interlock

If your existing landscaping design or backyard home décor is rustic, adding a brick pool deck would complement your pool perfectly.

Interlock is one of the most overlooked materials for patios, but it shouldn’t be. Slip-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, interlock is the new concrete.


  • Individual patio stones can be replaced if they are damaged
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Huge selection of styles and colours


  • More expensive than concrete
  • Must be installed by experienced installer

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a more expensive route, but the results are magnificent and can’t be beat.

Since natural stone is a material that will need to be installed individually, it is very labour intensive and adds to the total costs.

And it is also important to note that since this is a natural material, stone colours will vary dramatically.


  • Long-lasting
  • Individual stones can be replaced if damaged or cracked


  • Requires resealing
  • Grout maintenance is necessary, especially in areas with extreme seasonal temperature changes
  • Salt water pools can deteriorate these natural stones


One of the most high-end choices for pool decks and patios, this material not only looks great but performs well, too.


  • Stays cool for bare feet
  • Wide variety of colour options
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Colours will not fade


  • Stone is very soft and can chip easily
  • Installation is a long process and is labour intensive

Grass or Artificial Grass

Adding natural elements to the area surrounding your pool is beautiful and functional, as it creates a seamless flow from your yard and gardens to your pool, and will keep you cool throughout the summer months.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Effortless design


  • Grass clippings can fall into the pool, and create more maintenance for you
  • Can become muddy if there is high traffic surrounding the pool.


Another popular choice for poolside decks and patios is wood, especially if your backyard has a more tropical vibe to it.


  • Warm and natural beauty
  • Complements virtually every existing design


  • Wood has the tendency to split or rot
  • Regular sealing and resealing is necessary

Want to Learn More?

There are a variety of man-made and natural materials that create beautiful and safe pool decks, but each has pros and cons, so be sure to talk with your pool specialists beforehand so you know what will work best for your backyard.