5 Fun Pool Games to Play with Your Family This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to enjoy the warm temperatures with some pool time with the whole family. For adults, that might mean lounging on the deck with a good book. And for kids, it means lots of pool games!

Regardless of what type of pool you have in your backyard, we have games and toys that are sure to bring the fun to your home this summer.

1. Diving for Treasures


Diving for Treasures is a classic pool game, and it’s made even more fun with the right items to dive for!

  • Choose a variety of items and toss them into the pool.
  • Divide everyone into teams
  • Each team has to collect one of each item from the bottom of the pool
  • The first team to collect them all wins!

We love diving games, so we carry a variety of diving toys to choose from. We’ve got rings, water-weighted sticks, and even starfish!

2. Pool Basketball

Whether it’s one-on-one or a full-team game, basketball is even more fun when it’s played in the pool.

You can play a full game, have a shooting contest, or play a game of basketball where you don’t let the ball touch the water. Whatever it is, basketball hoops offer endless hours of fun.

And at Leisure Industries, we carry two types of pool basketball hoops. One that floats in the water and another that sits on the edge of your pool.

3. Floatie Race


Pool inflatables are fun for everyone in the family, and when you throw a floatie race into the mix, the end to fun is nowhere in sight.

Floatie races work best in longer pools, and can even be turned into a relay race with more than one team.

If you have different types of floaties, you can even have themed races. For example, you can have a food vs. animal race, to make things interesting.

Check out all of the different floaties we have, and let the games begin!

4. Pool Battle Field

Turn your pool into a battle field with these hot dog battle inflatables!

Let your kids battle it out on the dual inflatable ride-on hot dogs, complete with ketchup and mustard inflatable boppers.

5. Hot Potato

This last one is a classic game inside or outside of the pool, but it’s even more fun when it’s done with a giant beach ball.

Play water volleyball, keep away or hot potato with our huge Aloha Giant Beach Ball, and you’ll have hours of fun and exercise!

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Updated 2023.