Must-Have Pool Landscape Features & Structures for Your Yard

Lounge Around Pool

A yard with just a pool in it is a little empty. If you’re looking for a way to make your pool more functional and your outdoor space more enjoyable, consider adding these pool landscape features. Depending on your market, they might even increase the value of your home.

Trees or Trellises

One thing that can significantly improve your yard and your time in the pool is tall landscape features. They provide shade, which means the is pool more enjoyable on hot days. They also provide privacy, which can make the pool more enjoyable for you and more valuable overall for your home’s next owner.

There are two main ways to add height to your landscape: trees and trellises. If you have old trees, you’re lucky. Although, for a price, you can add relatively mature trees to your yard. Choose a fast-growing variety to get more privacy quickly. Or, start with young trees if this house is a long-term home for you.

Trellises are a more practical option for most pool-owners. They can cover as much of the yard as you like and work immediately, unlike young trees. Plus, trellises present an opportunity for you to add more greenery with climbing plants.

Rocks and Low-Maintenance Plants

Add visual interest to your yard and incorporate a sense of natural beauty into your pool by adding plants along its perimeter and rocks to any waterfalls you have. It’s a wise idea to choose low-maintenance plants so that you minimize the labour the yard will require year in and out.

The lowest maintenance options include rock gardens and native evergreen shrubs and trees. Perennial natives are relatively low maintenance, but annuals and exotics will require the most work. That’s not to say the beauty of an exotic annual isn’t worthwhile—it just depends on how much maintenance you’re willing to do.

Pool House or Gazebo

Perhaps the landscape structure that improves your pool the most is a pool house, or a simpler gazebo. These features give you a pot to relax in the shade before and after you’re done swimming in the pool. If you host barbeques or pool parties, these spaces are invaluable spots to cook and eat.

Pool houses are more practical as they can include room to store your pool toys and supplies such as towels and bathing suits. The best pool houses can include changing rooms, laundry facilities, and even a bar to complete your poolside experience.

Fire pit around pool


Need a place to curl up after a dip in the pool? Adding a fireplace or other fire feature is a great way to extend your pool season. Even in cool weather, you can still enjoy a heated pool, but drying off can be uncomfortable. When people know they can dry off by the warm fire, they’ll stay in the pool longer.

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