A Guide to Pool & Landscape Planning

In our early years of pool building in the 60’s & 70’s, planning for a pool was a simple process.

You contacted us, you picked a size and shape (there was not a big choice in those days), we gave you a price and within a few weeks you had a pool in your backyard. The pool typically had a pump, sand filter, manual vacuum kit, chlorine for sanitizing, a heater and a ladder for entry. Landscaping was usually nothing more than 2’x2’ patio stones or a 3 ft concrete patio around the pool.

Boy, have times changed. Now you can:

  • Design the shape of your pool with multiple depths
  • Install variable speed pumps that can heat the pool
  • Utilize zeobrite and cartridge filters that clean down to 3 microns (zeobrite can actually keep your water fresher)
  • Install ionizers for a mineral water pool
  • Employ automatic and robotic vacuums
  • Include fiberglass or steel stairs, beach entry, suntan ledges and more.
  • You can now even control your entire pools functions from your smart phone.

Landscaping has evolved to include a huge choice in deck and patio materials. Homeowners are now turning their backyards into full outdoor resorts with outdoor kitchens, fire pits, waterfalls and almost anything the imagination can conceive.

Today’s typical backyard retreat requires careful planning. We now design backyards using computers with 3d visual concepts. Every detail is precisely calculated, from the pools size, shape, location, grade, to the type of patio material, retaining walls and waterfalls.

Our designer can create a lifelike virtual model. Most designers charge up to $2,000 for these designs. Here at Leisure, it’s free if you purchase the pool and landscaping with Leisure Industries.

FiberglassEstablish Your Budget

The first step in your pool-purchasing process is to establish a budget. If you want is a basic pool like we built in the 60’s, an elaborate plan is probably not necessary. Just choose the size and shape (there is now a huge selection of off the shelf models to choose from) location and walkway around the pool and in a few short weeks you will be swimming.

If you are a bit more ambitious in your concept for your backyard, you may want to work with us in creating a more elaborate plan.

Get More Elaborate

The first step in this process is determining how much you are willing to spend to create your outdoor oasis. Once we know your budget, we will present you with a feasible plan that satisfies your objectives.

Your budget determines the simplicity or complexity of the design along with the type and quality of the materials used. At this time you may want to do some research on the type of pools and landscape options available. Like everything else these days, you can find almost endless designs online.

Humpback CoralRemember though, even with an abundance of designs available, your backyard should still reflect your own personality. Sites that may look trendy in California or Italy may look as enticing here in Canada. Work with us to design a landscape style that suits you and the climate you live in.

With our help and expertise, you can give your family the backyard paradise you’ve always wanted.

Happy swimming