Why Winter Is the Best Time to Buy a Pool

swimming pool

When is the best time to buy a pool? This is a question you may be asking yourself with the whisper of long summer days slowly creeping back into your thoughts.

The short answer: winter or early spring is the ideal time of year to think about purchasing a pool for your backyard. Purchasing a pool now means better pricing options, less hassle, and more time to plan out your pool installation.

6 Reasons to Buy a Pool in Winter

1. Better Deals and Discounts

During winter there are usually pre-season sales. Even more so if the pool company has inventory left over from the previous season. Don’t be afraid to hunt around and find yourself something you love, but also at a fraction of the cost.

2. Time is On Your Side

Focusing on your pool now gives you plenty of time for research. You won’t have the temptation of rushing the job, just so you can get in and use the pool. Concentrate instead on the different pool types and accessories available. Look into landscape options, too.

Take the time to create a fun oasis that you’ll be dying to escape to come summertime.

3. Control the Timing

A pool purchased in winter will usually get priority in the installation timeline. This means you get to spend the entire summer enjoying your investment, instead of worrying about when your pool will be fit for use.


4. Optimize Your Backyard

Your backyard will likely not be in use as much during winter as it will be in summer. Having the build process take place as early as possible is wise. You can get outside and enjoy your pool come summer without the hassle of contractors and equipment.

5. Avoid Delays with Smart Planning

Pool installation projects don’t always go to plan, or finish on time. Some delays are unavoidable, however some can be helped. Get smart with your planning. Start your pool construction early to allow time for delays and mishaps.

6. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

Summer is a gift in itself, but just think how much more excited you’ll be with a new pool to enjoy. Give yourself the best start by planning early. Get everything you want out of your new pool, and create summer memories you’ll never forget.

Buy a Pool this Winter at Leisure Industries 

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