How to Cover an Above Ground Pool by Yourself

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If you’ve ever tried to cover an above-ground pool by yourself, you know that it can be frustrating. Without another person, or just a tall enough adult, to help you out, it can be a long and difficult process. Getting into the pool when you’re trying to secure the cover on and you’re alone can also be unsafe. So, you need a hack that can help you add the cover without getting wet. Here are our best tips.

Getting the Pool Cover on By Yourself

There are two main techniques we’ve found that people have used to get their pool cover on by themselves. Here they are:

  • The pole method: You should have a long pole that you use to hold the brush you clean the pool with. You can use this pole to put on the cover if the pole can safely hold the weight of the cover without snapping and is longer than the pool is wide. To use this method, lay your cover out flat on the ground next to the pool. Attach the pole to one edge of the cover. You can use zip ties or rope to attach the pole to the grommets of the cover. Now, you should be able to lift the whole cover onto the pool by just lifting the pole. Pull the cover forward, and switch sides a few times, to get the cover on the pool securely.
  • The hanger method: The hanger method is a little more challenging than the pole method. Choose several small clamp-style coat hangers. Use them to clamp the edge of the pool cover to the edge of the pool. Clamp one side, run the hanger behind one of the pool’s pole supports, and then clamp the other side. This should hold this small section of the cover in place while you unfurl the next section. When the cover is on, you can secure the cover with its ties and then remove the hangers.

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Our Pool Cover Types

Leisure Industries offers many different covers for above ground pools:

● Leaf nets: These thin nets are perfect for above-ground pools and, because they are lightweight, you can usually get them on the pool yourself.
● Standard covers: Standard covers are a little thicker, but still lightweight enough that you may be able to get it on yourself.
● Safety covers: You may not be able to get a safety cover on your pool by yourself, but they are the safest option for your pool.

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right supplies, you can cover your pools by yourself, so it is ready for the winter season! If you require assistance or would like to learn more about pool maintenance and how to cover your pool, give our team at Leisure Industries a call today!