Why it’s Important to Test Your Pool Water

With summer well on its way, the temptation to cool down with a relaxing, refreshing dip is almost overwhelming. But before you can enjoy a quiet swim or throw that pool party you’ve been planning all spring, it’s essential to test the water of your pool and ensure that you have proper pH levels and that the water is safe for swimming, no matter how nice that blue hue looks under the scorching sun.

Testing your pool is important because it keeps the water clean and safe for swimmers. Aside from getting an unpleasant experience from the moment you set foot in the water, neglecting regular testing and maintenance of your pool could result in swimmers getting sick, or it may lead to nasty skin irritations or eye infections. There’s no comfort in swimming in a pool that hasn’t been property tested and mainteined.

Why you shouldn’t use too many or too few chemicals in your pool

Before you begin the testing process, it’s important to understand why using too many or too few chemicals is no better than leaving the water completely untreated.

You’ll want to avoid overdoing it when you start the maintenance process for your pool. Putting more than the necessary amount of chemicals in the pool can lead to issues that are just as nasty as those that result in swimming in an untested pool, such as cloudy water or burning eyes.

You’ll also want to make sure you don’t add too few chemicals to your pool, as this can lead to equally annoying or even hazardous results for swimmers. Pool water that has not been properly tested and could cause bacteria to linger and latch on to swimmers.

Why the proper chemical balance of a pool is so important

Overall, it’s just not worth it to leave the maintenance of your pool to chance. Too much can go wrong if chemicals levels are too high or too low, and remaining unaware of these factors will lead to a terrible experience for you, your family, and any guests you invite over for an afternoon pool party. Given the risk of things like skin irritation, eye infections and the good possibility of destroying your pump and heater, shutting down swimming for the season will be the least of your worries if you don’t keep your pool well-maintained.

Testing your pool water may be a pain, but it’s an absolutely essential step if you want to swim safely. If you have any questions about testing pool water, feel free to contact us today.