Why Is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy?

Person testing hot tub water with ph strip

Is your spa looking a little murky? Cloudy hot tub water can be caused by several culprits, including: 

  • Improper pH levels  
  • High levels of total alkalinity  
  • Improper sanitizer levels 
  • Lack of filtration or proper cleaning  
  • Overuse of hot tub  
  • Contamination from personal care products, oils, and soaps 

It is recommended to test the hot tub water regularly and adjust the levels of spa chemicals as needed to maintain clear and safe water. 

How to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water 

To fix cloudy hot tub water, follow these steps: 

  1. Check pH and alkalinity levels: Test the water and adjust the pH levels to 7.2 and the total alkalinity to between 80-120 ppm if necessary. 
  2. Clean the filters: Regular cleaning of the filters can prevent cloudiness by removing contaminants from the water. 
  3. Use algaecide or water clarifier: If the water is cloudy due to algae growth or mineral buildup, adding an algaecide or water clarifier can help clear up the water.  
  4. Shock treatment: Shocking the water with a high dose of chlorine or similar disinfectant can help kill any bacteria or other contaminants that may be causing the cloudiness. 
  5. Professionally test water regularly: It is always best to have your water professionally tested. Working with Leisure Industries for your water testing will provide you with the best solution and advice to clear your cloudy water.  

Note: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any hot tub chemicals and to take appropriate safety precautions. 

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