Pool Myths and Misconceptions about Water Sanitization

Just like the tale that a special dye that will appear in the water if someone pees in the pool, there are many more myths out there that can adversely affect the safety of pool water and the longevity of pool equipment such as pumps, filters and heaters. Here are some pool myths and common misconceptions about water sanitization you should know about.

Clear water is not necessarily clean

in ground pools

There is a saying common to some pool owners, “If it’s clear, have no fear.” This saying could be very costly, even in the short run. The water can develop harmful microbes, and if it’s tested infrequently, you risk skin rashes and extreme damage to pool surfaces such as:

  • Wrinkling vinyl liners
  • Deterioration of a fiberglass pool’s gelcoat
  • Flaking paint on concrete pool.

Even new pool heaters have been known to rust out within 3-6 months.

Pools and hot tubs are not equal

Frequent testing is even more critical in hot tubs, mainly because of higher temperatures, smaller water volumes, and higher bather loads. Four people in a hot tub are equivalent to 200 people in a pool. A single person will deposit about one billion bacteria into the water, some of which can be detrimental to health if not properly sanitized.

Pool and spa surfaces, along with pumps, heaters and chlorinators (especially salt chlorinators) are at increase risk if the water is unbalanced for an extended period of time.

Mind your test equipment

Although a pool or spa owner should have good test equipment (there are many cheap ones available that are not very accurate), you should also pay attention to the expiry date.

log flume joust setNever store your test kit on a window sill or on any other surface that can get very warm. It is also very important to follow the test instructions to the letter.

When you take a water sample, first rinse out the container in the pool and then take the sample from in front of the skimmer about elbow deep. Bring it into us within four hours. Do not leave it in a hot car in the summer for any extended period of time.

We’re Here to Bust Pool Myths

Properly balancing your pool or hot tub regularly protects your pool, equipment and your family’s health. For best results, it is always safest to have your water tested by a professional pool company like Leisure Industries. Our equipment is ultra-accurate and you get the added benefit of our knowledgeable staff.