Differences Between In-Ground, Above Ground & On Ground Pools

Next summer when the mercury is rising, the kids are out of school and pleading to go swimming. What to do?

Take them to the local swimming hole or put a pool in your own backyard.

You have 3 options for your very own swimming pool.

1. Above Ground Pool

  • This is the least expensive pool type
  • They are quick and easy to install
  • They are designed for the do-it-yourselfer, and can be up and running within days of purchase, which contributes to a lower cost.
  • They are also easy to dismantle and move if you should so desire.
  • They can be installed in areas where it would have been impossible to install in in-ground pool because of limited space or ground conditions.

2. In-ground Pool

  • Takes a lot more planning and if it’s a big project, can sometimes take weeks to complete.
  • Access for the excavators is also to be considered, 8 feet is ideal but we can sometimes work with less.
  • In-ground pools are permanent structures and careful consideration should be given as to size, depth, location and landscaping.
  • The cost of building an in-ground pool should also to be taken into account, but this is offset in most cases, with an increase property value.
  • 60-70 years ago, in-ground swimming pools were for the wealthy, however, advances in materials (i.e., steel and vinyl liners), and construction methods have made this type of pool attainable to the vast middle class.

3. On-ground Pool

  • Made from the same material as in-ground pools, but is installed partially in-ground.
  • About 18” on average.
  • With the addition of a wood deck this type of pool can be installed for approximately half the price of a full in-ground pool.
  • Looks as inviting as an in-ground installation based on how and where it is built, which can be discussed with the Leisure Industries team.

A Pool For Everyone, Everywhere

Don’t think a pool is out of reach.

Go into your backyard, stick four screwdrivers into the ground roughly where the pool will go, sprinkle flour around the perimeter and stand back to image your pool in that area.

Next, give us a call and we can find a pool to suit your desires and your budget.

Installation Is Up To You

We want to ensure you are as involved or removed from the pool installation process as you want to be.

To that end, we offer three pool installation programs with varying degrees of involvement.

          1. Completely installed pool program
          2. Assisted installation pool program
          3. Do-it-yourself pool installation

We are here to help, whatever your need for a swimming pool.

Contact Us To Get Make Your Dream Pool A Reality

Whatever you desire, Leisure Industries can make it happen.

Call us or visit our showroom to speak with one of our pool experts about how we can bring leisure to your home.