Fixing vs Replacing Hot Tub: How to Decide?

Technician fixing Hot Tub

When most people buy hot tubs, they tend to think about the long-term maintenance costs of chemicals for the water and the increase in their utility bills. As hot tubs are pretty sturdy and well-made, they rarely think about the day they may need to do major repairs on them or decide to replace them entirely.

When the day comes that you do need to make major repairs to the hot tub, you may wonder, should you just replace it? Ultimately, it will come down to what you want, but here are the things you should consider when you’re making this decision.

Which Costs More?

Sure, very few repair bills are going to approach the full cost of a new hot tub. But, when a repair involves the most expensive components of the hot tub or so many components that are quite expensive, you might think twice about whether it is worthwhile to sink money into this exact tub. In general, we start to recommend people consider replacing their hot tub instead of repairing it at about the $500 mark.

Typically, if you want to cut the repair costs, you can see if your technician can replace just the broken elements of the hot tub. For example, that means replacing the heating element, not the whole heater, or just the flow switch and not the spa pack. This costs less but may backfire and lead to more repairs down the road if the underlying problem was not addressed.

Will Repairs Be a Habit?

Sometimes the professionals have a reason to believe that the repair you need now will not be the end of your troubles. When looking at the condition of the various parts of your hot tub, your technician should be able to tell you if your hot tub is likely to keep costing you repair money, or not.

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What is the Age of the Hot Tub?

The age of your hot tub can help you determine if it is worthwhile to replace. Most quality hot tubs last about 10 to 15 years. The closer your hot tub is to approaching ten years, the less sense it makes to repair it. Instead, spending your money on replacing it will get you a more reliable model and likely one that has better features and looks more modern in your space. Just consider what your hot tub would be worth on the resale market and if you’ll be putting more money into repairs than that.

Replacements Can Be Better

Don’t forget that buying a new hot tub can be exciting. You can get a newer model that better matches your needs or has new features that you have wanted to try.

Would you rather replace your hot tub than repair it? At Leisure Industries, we have a range of hot tubs and swim spas you can choose from to get just the backyard experience you’re looking for. Look through your options online or reach out to us with your questions.