5 Reasons to Consider an Indoor Sauna This Year

Indoor Sauna, dark tiles and wood The concept of the sauna has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is the relaxation they provide, coupled with the additional health benefits that continue to make them a favourite. Many people find it pleasurable to bask in the warm embrace they provide. It offers a reinvigorating experience with tremendous advantages. Stress is alleviated, and the physiological improvements support its continued use.   Although not limited to these benefits, it fosters relaxation, detoxification, improved breathing, circulation and sleep. By simply stepping into a sauna for a few minutes, you can take advantage of these notable features.   

1 – Heart Health  

Saunas are known for their persistent heat. This popular aspect contributes significantly to better heart health. It has been stated that just one use of a sauna can vastly “lower blood pressure, improve heart rate variability, and improve arterial compliance.” These improvements have been primarily attributed to the bodily changes that occur while in a sauna, such as increased blood flow, elevated heart rate, and provoked perspiration.  

2 – Relaxation 

These heated spaces have also been admired for the sense of calm and relief that they impart. Much like exercise, which induces sweating, and the release of endorphins, saunas trigger the same response. The heat it gives off causes distinguishable changes in the body, which influence the release of these positive-feeling chemicals. In turn, you are left feeling well and enveloped with blissful emotions.   Indoor Sauna in light coloured bathroom

3 – Improved Sleep  

As you relax, your mind is at ease. Hence, it is no wonder that saunas encourage a better slumber. Muscle and joint tensions are alleviated, offering a feeling that helps your body to let go and embrace rest. When incorporated as a part of a bedtime routine, saunas can enhance your sleep. Infrared saunas have been admired for the improved rest they provide to those suffering from disturbed sleeping patterns.   

4 – Detoxifies the Body  

With heat, sweat is inevitable. Therefore, relaxing in a hot sauna influences how the body sweats. These bodily secretions are known for alleviating the body of toxins and harmful elements. So, by sitting in a sauna that induces sweating, detoxification of the body occurs as you perspire. Infrared saunas emit a light that penetrates the skin deeply and encourages more heat. This stimulates more perspiration and a better release of pollutants in the body.  

5 – Helps You Breathe  

Increased blood supply to your lungs, respiratory and bronchial membrane while in a sauna help to improve your breathing. Individuals suffering from colds, asthma, and other illnesses that impair breathing will treasure the reward of using a sauna as it opens their airways.  

Leisure Industries Encourages Precaution Before Using a Sauna  

Before you decide to jump into a sauna, you should speak to a doctor first. Saunas may not be appropriate for individuals with certain medical conditions. If you have received clearance from your medical practitioner and would like to invest in a sauna, we can help. For all of your pool and sauna needs, contact Leisure Industries, the professionals. 

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