Industry Standard Series

Want a pool without the expense and commitment of an inground pool. Then an above ground is for you. No huge excavation and landscaping job, and after a few years you can easily remove it.

This pool is part of our Industry Standard Series which is a very popular pool because our pricing makes it very affordable. Come visit our showroom in Oakville and view this pool on display.



  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 12’x52″
  • 52″ high corrugated steel wall with protectoloc coating
  • 6″ Crystal kote steel top rail
  • 20 mil liner
  • deluxe accessory kit

Deluxe Accessory Kits Include

  • Sand filtration with 1 hp pump
  • Inwall skimmer and return jet
  • Telescopic vacuum pole, vacuum hose, vacuum head, leaf skimmer, backwash hose, test strips & thermometer
  • Start-up chemicals

Available Sizes

  • 12’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 15’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 18’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 21’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 24’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 12’x 16’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 12’x 20’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 15’x 25’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)