Premium Series

Ever had one of those days when it’s hot and muggy and the kids are bored. With a pool in your backyard, every day is like a mini-vacation. Kids will entertain themselves in a pool for hours. No more being stuck inside watching TV or playing computer games. And lots of exercise means a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to always supervise your children around a pool.

This pool is part of our Premium Series which means it has special copperguard features. It is an upscale pool but without any upscale price. This pool is for the discerning pool buyer who wants a top quality pool but at a very affordable price. Come visit our showroom in Oakville and view this pool on display.

Deluxe Accessory Kits Include

  • Sand filtration with 1 hp pump
  • Inwall skimmer and return jet
  • Telescopic vacuum pole, vacuum hose, vacuum head, leaf skimmer, backwash hose, test strips & thermometer
  • Start-up chemicals



  • 52″ high corrugated steel wall with protectoloc coating
  • 7″ Copperguard top rail
  • 20 mil liner
  • deluxe accessory kit

Available Sizes

  • 12’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 15’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 21’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 24’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 27’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 12’x 16’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 12’x 20’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 15’x 25’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)
  • 15’x 30’x 52″ (SOLD OUT)