Eliminates and prevents staining and scaling due to iron, copper and manganese from swimming pool water. Does not affect water pH


NOTE: Using 3-MET-O with a diatomaceous earth filter is not recommended.

1. Shock the pool water while carefully following directions for use of the product used.

2. Stop the filtration system and put the filter in “recirculate” (or whirlpool) position. Start the system.

3. Add 150 mL of 3-MET-O per 10,000 L of pool water. Pour the required quantity at the water return outlet.

4. Recirculate pool water for 6 hours in order to disperse the product. Swimming is possible during this period.

5. Stop the filtration system and put the filter in “filter”.

6. In extreme metal presence it might be necessary to remove the residue by putting filtration system in drain (or waste) position and vacuuming.

7. After step 5, don’t forget to clean the filter before returning to regular operation by first performing a backwash.

Weekly treatment: to protect your equipment and increase its life span, add 30 mL of   3-MET-O per 10,000 L of pool water.