Bring the spa home and breathe in the relaxation tonight

Your home is your sanctuary. But is it equipped to help you deal with the stresses of daily life?
Complete your private retreat with an infrared sauna and enjoy the soothing warmth every night of the week.
With choices to accommodate 1 person or as many as 4, your new sauna is an investment in your family’s happiness at home.

Why choose an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas heat your body directly, not the air around you.

Your infrared sauna is more comfortable than a traditional sauna, but still raises your heart rate and gets you sweating. It’s like a quick trip to the gym after work.

Features included in your sauna

Every sauna you test out on our showroom floor is rich with features, so your family can choose the best model within your budget without sacrificing the features you want.

You get

Digital controlsBluetooth audioLED chromatherapy lightingAromatherapy Infrared carbon heatersHemlock wood construction

Everything designed for ease-of-use and to make your relaxation more complete.

The benefits are clear – and that makes it a smart home upgrade

When you bring a sauna home, you get all the benefits every single day.

Stress relief Muscle relaxation Toxin release Skin cleansing Improved heart health Cold and flu defense

Don’t hold off another day

Your family will all enjoy the deeper sleep that results from raising your temperature in the evening, and the social time in your 3-4 person infrared sauna will help create closer bonds between parents and kids. Whether you enjoy the quiet calm, the warmth or the endorphins a half hour in the sauna release, the value for your family is obvious.

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