SS – 20 Swim Spa


The SS 20′ Swim Spa Hot Tub provides you with full body effects of aquatic exercise with in the privacy of your own home. The SS 20′ swim spa is completely customizable to adjust to anyone’s swim pattern and keeps you centered in the swim lane. This swim spa hot tub provides dual zones for both a hot tub and a swim spa experience. It ensures you receive the appropriate pressure and support that you need for your excercise. This system also provides not only muscle development but muscle repair as well.


Heated Air Blower Heated Air Blower
Soft tissue massage. Heated blower delivers 1000s of tiny bubbles for a soothing massage.
L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting
Set your own mood by changing light shows. Energy efficient long life LEDs.
Waterfall Waterfall
Soothing two waterfalls with controllable valve.
MP3 Sound System LED SPEAKER MP3 Sound System
Connects to your personal MP3 player. Built-in weather resistant MP3 audio compartment.
Cover Hard Top Covers
Tapered cover 5” x 3” with locking straps.


Size 234″ x 90″ x 54″
Pump 3 x 5hP Pump, 2 x 5hp Pump
Voltage 60A/240V Capactiy – 8075L
Lights Colour L.E.D.
Waterfall 2
Cabinet Enternal Wood
Aroma Therapy Yes
MP3 Sound System Yes