Opening Your Pool for the Summer

open up the pool

Thinking about opening your pool for summer likely leads to a common question, “What month should I open my pool?”

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration: Where you live and the condition of your pool when you closed it up for the winter. Do you live in an area where the snow and cold tends to linger? Did you have to winterize your pool? What was the water quality like when you closed your pool last?

When you’re opening a pool after winter, there are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • If you closed your pool too early (before temperatures cooled down) algae could have appeared, turning your pool green.
  • If you allowed your pool to turn green in fall then covered it, the clean-up in spring could take a little longer.
  • If you have green water or notice any other issues, be sure to open up your pool as soon as the weather begins to consistently warm up to deal with them right away and begin the steps to opening your pool for summer.

Steps to Opening Your Pool for Summer

With the warm weather and sunshine more of re-occurrence these days, you can start to take the steps necessary to open your above ground pool or in-ground pool. Keep in mind the chemicals needed for pool start up and any other equipment you may need before you begin.

swimming pool cover

How to open your above ground pool or in-ground pool for the summer:

  1. Clean pool surrounding area. Get rid of any debris from the pool area, patio deck, plant beds, etc.
  2. Use a leaf net to eliminate leaves and other debris. A pool cover pump can remove any standing water left on your cover.
  3. Once your cover is removed, clean it, dry it, and then store it properly for the season. Store inside a storage bag or heavy-duty container with a lid. If your cover is a vinyl clip in type you must store it in a container full of water with an algaecide.
  4. Remove freeze plugs and other devices used to protect your plumbing against freezing. Reinstall any drainage plugs that were removed and reconnect any plumbing and hoses. If you didn’t thoroughly clean your filter before closing up for winter, do so now.
  5. Start to add water to your pool to bring it up to its normal operating level. If your pool has a safety cover, this may not be necessary
  6. Start your filter system up by priming the pump before starting the motor.
  7. Check for any leaks and inspect your pool. Remove any additional large debris with a leaf net. Dirt, sand and algae should be vacuumed.
  8. Check the water chemistry. Let water circulate for at least 24 hours to allow the newly added water to mix with the existing pool water.
  9. Test water thoroughly and add the necessary chemicals needed for pool start up, and in the proper sequence. You can take a water sample to a pool professional and have it tested for pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity, etc.
  10. If your pool water is green, you may need to super chlorinate it with chlorine or a shock treatment to get rid of any algae. Wondering how long after shocking a pool can you go in for swimming? Simply let your filter run another 24 hours after treatment and then test before letting anyone enter the pool, it should be good to go!
  11. Enjoy your pool and keep up with regular maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

Have more questions about how to open your above ground pool for the summer, opening your in-ground pool, or interested in which chemicals are best for your pool? Contact Leisure Industries for all of your swimming pool needs and more!