Why Regular Pool Filter Maintenance is a Must: Top 3 Reasons

Underground pool with loungers in manicured backyard - Why Regular Pool Filter Maintenance is a Must: Top 3 Reasons

Taking a dip in the pool on a warm day is what summer dreams are made of. However, ensuring the pool’s water is clean and clear is a necessity for the best experience. That’s where your pool’s filter comes in. Here’s why regular pool filter maintenance should top your pool care list. 

1. Promote Healthier Skin and Reduce Irritations  

Dirty pool filters can’t efficiently remove contaminants from the water, leading to increased chlorine or other chemical use. Over-reliance on these chemicals can irritate the skin, leading to redness, itchiness, or even more severe reactions in sensitive individuals. Regularly cleaning and backwashing your filter allows contaminants to be filtered properly making it easier to maintain balanced water chemistry. The result? Fewer chemicals, healthier skin, and a more refreshing swim. 

2. Clear Water for A Better Swimming Experience  

A neglected filter compromises its ability to trap contaminants. Over time, this can lead to cloudy or greenish water. Regular maintenance ensures the filter efficiently captures and removes debris, giving you crystal-clear water.  

3. Extend Filter Lifespan and Save on Costs  

Regular maintenance ensures your pool equipment works efficiently without being overloaded. An overburdened filter wears out faster and needs frequent replacements. By cleaning and backwashing consistently, you prevent premature wear on your pump, extend the filter’s lifespan, and save on potential replacement or repair costs. 

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Your pool’s filter is its frontline defense against contaminants, ensuring every swim is as delightful as it should be. That’s why you need the right supplies to maintain your filter and pool water. Leisure Industries is here for you with top-tier pool maintenance products and insights. Explore our range and ensure your pool’s pristine condition with Leisure Industries today. 

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