Variable Speed Silensor 1.76HP Inground Pump


This is our highest quality variable speed pump as it helps to heat your pool, while running cooler and quieter. The patented water cooling system of the pump transfers the heat of the pump’s motor into the pool. This energy recovery provides a distinct advantage over competing products, which are cooling their motor by dissipating heat into the ambient air. The Variable Speed Silensor therefore provides additional heating to the pool at no additional cost.

Variable Speed Silensor 1.76 HP Inground Pump Features

  • Motor noise is largely absorbed by the water-cooled technology system.
  • The water system does not need air flow to run. There is no noisy fan.
  • The Silensor consumes about half as much energy as the most popular pumps for similar flow rates.
  • Heat generated by the motor is absorbed by the pool water.
  • Operates at a speed of 1500rpm to 3600rpm with an easy to use dial
  • Backwash cycle that runs the pump for 2 minutes at 3800rpm before shutting down
  • 240V
  • Oversized 4.5L leaf basket.
  • UV stablized plastic case with minimal exposed metal helps to eliminate rust or corrosion.
  • Thermal protection shuts the pump off automatically if there is not water flow.