The Stream is the ideal spa for those looking not only for comfort but also for quality hydrotherapy. It was designed with multiple seating options for massage variety and to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. It also has an over-sized footwell for added leg comfort. The Stream also has two cool down seats that provide a break from your massage.

The Stream is equipped to direct the water through all the jets for a gentle, relaxing massage. If desired, you can divert the water through one half of the spa jets or through the other half of the spa jets to increase your intensity. If you need to address a specific part of your body with dynamic force, you can direct all of the water through a single turbo jet.


  • Polyethylene construction
  • Strong one piece construction and virtually indestructible
  • Easy surface care


  • Easily re-located
  • Easy lift hand recesses

No Hassle Installation

  • No site preparation required (surface must be well leveled)
  • Will sit on any solid level surface
  • No concrete or wood deck required
  • 110 volt plug and play
  • 220 volt compatible for greater heating efficiency (1kW vs 4kW)


Size 78″ x 82″ x 34″
Pump 2 Speed 2 HP Pump
Seats 3 captain chairs with 1 hybrid lounge bench and 2 cooling seats
Structure Polythylene construction
Voltage 15A/120V convertible to 40A/240V
Capacity 1250 L
Lights 8 L.E.D. exterior corner lights and 4 L.E.D. interior lights
Waterfall  L.E.D.
Insulation Thermofoil reflective insulation