Spa Brom Ultra (1″ tablet) 1.5kg



Brominating tablets for spas.


WARNING: Direct tablet contact may cause bleaching of vinyl, acrylic or synthetic spa surfaces. Automatic feeding devices employing these tablets must be totally free of other spa sanitizers to avoid the probability of explosion.

1. If using an automatic feeding device, fill the chamber(s) with tablets and adjust flow rate according to manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain proper bromine residual. Adding tablets to the spa’s skimmer basket is an alternative bromine feed method. Daily usage should approximate 5 g of SPA BROM ULTRA per 1,000 L of spa water. NOTE: heavy
spa usage and higher temperature usage rates may require higher usage rates to maintain proper bromine residuals.

2. Periodic superchlorination of spa water is recommended. Follow label instructions of
superchlorination product being employed.

3. Persistent foam formation, turbid or malodorous water are indicators of inadequate sanitizer levels. To correct such conditions, superchlorinate spa water by adding superchlorination product. Maintain circulation at least 30 minutes and wait 4 hours before using.

4. For proper sanitation, spa must be drained periodically.