Increases pH in swimming pool water.


To increase pH to recommended levels, add the required quantity of product according to the chart below:

pH reading Above

8.210,000 L200 g
20,000 L400 g
40,000 L800 g
60,000 L1.2 Kg
100,000 L2 Kg
8.2 to 7.810,000 L150 g
20,000 L300 g
40,000 L600 g
60,000 L900 g
100,000 L1.5 Kg
7.8 to 7.410,000 L100 g
20,000 L200 g
40,000 L400 g
60,000 L600 g
100,000 L1 Kg

Sprinkle pH on surface of water. Let water circulate for 4 hours after adding product, then
check pH. Make necessary adjustments.