Leisure C-240-B High Rate Sorel Filter


Will handle the largest volume residential pools. Feature a 7 position dial valve and are constructed out of corrosion proof polymeric material. Zeolite filters clean down to 3 microns (compared to sand filters down to 30 microns). Helps to eliminate odours and swimmers “red eye”. Save water and chemicals by reducing the need for backwashing by up to 50%.

Leisure Zeo Brite Filter Features

  • Self priming high efficiency
  • Super quiet bearings
  • 56 frame motor for cool running
  • Highest flow rate of all manufactures
  • Recommended filter media – zeobrite
  • 1000 times more surface filter area than regular sand filters
  • Traps dirt as small as 3 micron (10 times smaller than sand)
  • Cuts backwashing by 50% eliminates contaminants such as ammonia & chlorimines
  • 7 position multi-port valve
  • Molded polymeric hi-flo tank