Broma Ultra 18kg



Brominating tablets. Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water. No odour. To be used with a brominator.


1. If using an automatic feeding device, fill the chamber(s) with tablets and adjust flow rate according to manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain proper bromine residual. Automatic brominators have use-specific instructions peculiar to their design. Frequently, a brominator must be filled to capacity, while the adjustments allow the user to erode only the amount of BROMA ULTRA bromine tablets necessary for proper disinfection as suggested below. The slow dissolving nature of the product
combined with the design features of the brominator require that a greater amount of chemical be exposed to the water.

2. Initially, superchlorinate pool water, to build an initial free chlorine of 1.0 to 2.0 ppm, by adding 30 g of predissolved shock treatment per 10,000 L of water. If using an automatic feeding to set up the bromine reserve, adjust the feed rate at maximum. When the recommended rate is reached, adjust the brominator at required level to maintain the available free bromine at recommended values.

3. Add 1 or 2 tablets per 10,000 L of pool water as needed to maintain a bromine esidual of 1-3 ppm at all times. Daily usage should be approximately 25 g of BROMA ULTRA
bromine tablets per 10,000 L of pool water.

4. Periodic superchlorination of pool water is recommended. Follow label instructions of superchlorination product being employed.