WP – 79


Easy Drain Spa Outlet Easy Drain Spa Outlet
Drain flow is almost twice as fast as competitive models. Built-in check valve to prevent accidental leakage.
L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting L.E .D. Lighting
Set your own mood by changing light shows. Energy efficient long life LEDs.
waterfall Waterfall
Soothing L.E.D. waterfall with controllable valve.
MP3 Sound System LED SPEAKER MP3 Sound System
Connects to your personal MP3 player. Built-in weather resistant MP3 audio compartment.
Hard Top Covers Hard Top Covers
Tapered cover 5” x 3” with 8 locking straps.
Ozone Ozone
Comes with an ozone system.


Size 79″ x 79″ x 31″
Pump 2 Speed 2 HP Pump
Heater 1.5 kW
Voltage 15A/115V
Capacity 895L
Lights Colour L.E.D.
Waterfall Colour L.E.D. Ozone
MP3 Sound System Yes