Pool Safety Covers are a Safety Essential

How can you and your family benefit from a pool safety cover? The best ones offer advantages you can’t pass up, from safety to reduced pool maintenance.

While less maintenance is great, the most important feature of pool safety covers is the protection and safety they offer. Many are built to withhold the weight of a person or animal, so if a child or pet should walk on it, they won’t fall in the water. While most pool areas are fenced, if you have a hot tub nearby that you use in winter, then a pool safety cover is a must.

Wondering about the benefits of a pool safety cover:

• Act as a safeguard against drowning for people and pets in the winter

• Cut down on algae growth by limiting direct sunlight
• Prevent debris from falling into your pool, so it is easier to clean in the spring
• Are visually appealing
• Rain and snow seep through- so the pool will be full in the spring which makes opening your pool a breeze

If you’re looking to better understand pool safety covers and what type would work best for you, check out the wide selection that Leisure Industries carries. Contact our expert staff today.