The Health Benefits of a Hot Tub are Many

We all love sitting in the hot tub because it helps us relax. But what does that relaxation really do for the human body?

hot tub health benefitsWe know stress can have some incredibly damaging effects, including headaches, chest pain, elevated blood pressure, insomnia and ongoing upset stomach. Stress can also damage relationships.

What else do we know about stress?

  • Almost half of all adults suffer some negative health effects as a result of chronic stress.
  • As much as 90% of all adult visits to the doctor can be traced back to stress.
  • Chronic stress often leads to depression in adults.

But the stress relief we get from a hot tub counteracts all that, and hands out a large number of additional health benefits many hot tub owners benefit from, but rarely think about.

Hot Tubs Give Families Relief

Hot tubs are proven to provide a huge list of benefits with regular use (and sometimes even with irregular use), including:

  1. Muscle tension relief.
  2. Relief from joint discomfort.
  3. Lowered blood pressure.
  4. Overall stress relief.
  5. Relief from headaches.
  6. Natural weight loss.
  7. Improved circulation.
  8. Reduction in symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  9. Balanced blood sugar.
  10. Reduced symptoms of diabetes.
  11. Clear skin.
  12. Reduction in allergies.
  13. Natural asthma relief.
  14. Protection from premature skin aging.
  15. Strengthened immune response.
  16. Relief from hypertension disorder.
  17. More complete and efficient digestion.

VictoriaOther Benefits to Consider

The addition of natural oils for a healthy aromatherapy experience enhances the health benefits received from a soak. Even if you consider yourself a man’s man, or you’re normally sensitive to strong scents, the benefits are there.

The best oils, in our opinion, are:

  • Lavender oil.
  • Peppermint oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil.
  • Lemon oil.
  • Tea Tree oil.
  • Jasmine oil.

Relax and breathe deeply. The memory centres of the brain are highly connected to scent, and breathing a familiar scent deeply can invoke powerful, happy, relaxing memories.

Let’s talk about the jets. Oh the jets. The jets provide a low impact massage to the weariest parts of your body.

Massage helps relax the body and mind by stretching muscles and breaking up knots. It improves the lymphatic system by helping move fluids freely and flushing toxins through your body’s natural filtration systems.

What are You Waiting For?

With all the wonderful benefits you gain from just sitting in a hot tub, why don’t you already have one of your own? Visit our showroom for a massive selection of hot tubs that will help you melt away the stress of work every day.