The Benefits of Warm Water Exercising

Swim spas have had a dramatic increase in popularity the last 5 – 10 years. There are several reasons:

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are ageing & land based exercise gets more & more difficult on older bodies. Water-based exercising, however, is very kind to the body. Every year, thousands of injured people are rehabilitated through warm water aquatic exercises.

Injury-Free Fitness

Swim spas also offer an excellent injury free way to lose weight. Nowadays there is an array of fitness products specifically designed for a water environment. Hand paddles, weights and aqua jogger belts are just a few of the items available today.

Relieve Stress & Pain

The health benefits of warm water immersion has been known for decades. Aquatic exercising helps to relive stress & ailments such as arthritis. The medical centre in the University of North Carolina did a 32 year study of people who regularly swim and/or workout in warm water and concluded it is an important contributor to good health. In fact, researchers concluded that people who swim or exercise in water have better survival rates than their sedentary colleagues.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Swim spas, unlike pools in the northern hemisphere, can be used 12 months a year. Also, because they generally come with a hard cover they can be very affordable because of their energy efficiency. Another huge plus is they may be installed almost anywhere, even in the small backyard of town homes.

Happy Swimming!