6 Ways to Have the Best Vacation at Home This Summer

woman relaxing in in lounge chair in the sun

Social distancing has undermined many vacations and canceled many flights. If you will be at home for your vacation, it’s natural to be a little upset. But, staying at home for your vacation doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, some people feel that staying at home relieves them of the stress of traveling and helps them get the most of their vacation time. There’s no packing, no flight, just relaxing. Plus, there are some things you can do to make your backyard the perfect spot to have a vacation.

Here are six ways to have the best vacation at home this summer.

1. Add a Pool

Missing a beach vacation? You can create your own personal beach by adding a pool to your yard. Whether you love to swim, or you just love to relax by the water, a pool can elevate your vacation. Plus, unlike a trip, a pool is a permanent fixture in your life and it can add value to your home. Pools don’t have to be expensive–above-ground pools are reasonably priced and you can add decking and landscaping to make them more beautiful.

2. Install a Firepit

Are you more of the type to head on a hike or wilderness outing? Then a firepit may help you make your backyard the perfect staycation. Choose a gas firepit for the warmth or choose a real wood firepit to roast marshmallows over and get that authentic dancing flame. Just like a pool, you can enjoy a firepit as much as you like, without having to go on a vacation to get a few moments of relaxation time.

3. Theme Your Yard

Have you always wanted to travel to Cuba? Hawaii? France? Whatever your dream vacation destination, you can make your yard feel a bit more like it with the right décor, drinks, and food. Try to get authentic refreshments and bring in some of the best cultures from your dream destination. Try French cinema, Cuban music, or share Hawaiian myths around the firepit.

Get creative this summer by finding ways to make your backyard the perfect staycation. To learn more about what you can add to your home to enhance your staycation experience, contact our team at Leisure Industries today.

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4. Add a Hot Tub and Sauna

No vacation is complete without a little time at the spa. You may not be able to see a masseuse, but a hot tub with the right jet settings and a sauna can do a great job of relieving muscle tension and getting you into a relaxed state.

5. Create Bar Space Outside

Why head into the kitchen to make some refreshments when you can add an outdoor bar space? You can simulate the never-ending drinks at your favourite cruise by adding taps, or a well-stocked mini-fridge or wine cooler.

6. Commit to Unplugging

One of the biggest problems with a staycation is that some people stay plugged into work because they are home and they can be. Make sure your phone is off, or don’t answer calls from work. Forget about your email and try to commit to using your time to truly relax.

Who says a staycation can’t be fun? Spruce up your outdoor living space with some fun amenities! To learn more, please contact our team at Leisure Industries today.