4 Reasons Why Buying a Pool Early is Best

buying a poolThere’s an old saying, “the early bird catches the worm”. When it comes to the pool industry, the same saying applies, only it’s not a worm that’s caught but a full season of swimming with many added benefits. Here are the top 4 reasons why purchasing a pool in and around the GTA in winter or early spring is better than an in-season pool purchase.

1. Get a Better Deal

When you buy early, savings may be obtained due to material suppliers that may not have raised costs yet for the current year or are still trying to clear out the previous year’s inventory. The early bird pool purchaser not only saves money but also gets more value from their investment as they get a full season of swimming.

2. Get the Kids Off Of Your Back

If you have children in school, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pool in the backyard the minute they finish in June to occupy them for the whole summer rather than them asking “how much longer until we get the pool?”, which almost sounds like “are we there yet?” except it can go on for weeks.

3. Enjoy Less Stressful Installation

Making an early purchase helps with the installation process, as it is quicker to obtain the city permits before the rush hits and the wait times become longer. Also getting a head start before the rest of the neighbourhood is important because, if there are any delays due to weather, you are still near the top of the list.

4. Get Exactly What You Want

Above Ground PoolsIn the case of above ground pools, some companies will run out of the most popular sizes in the middle of the summer. With your investment, you want to be sure you’re not settling for something less, or something different, than what you initially set out to get. Purchasing early guarantees that the size and style of pool you desire is exactly what you get.

Start Your Pool Shopping Now

Now is the time to make your purchase, so don’t delay and risk missing out on an affordable summer of home leisure. Potential pool buyers should visit us before the rush-our salespeople are very motivated to make a deal this time of year and will have you frolicking in your very own swimming pool before you know it.

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