Upgrade Your Pool Pump, Receive a $400 Rebate

The local hydro utility companies implemented a new program, and you can get a $400 rebate from it! If you upgrade your existing single speed pool pump to an approved variable speed pump, the utility will issue a $400 instant rebate at the time of purchase. Wow! And on top of that, by upgrading to a […]

The Difference Between a Steel/Vinyl Liner Pool and a Fiberglass Pool

Although either type of construction will bring many years of enjoyment to your family, there are some significant differences that you, as a potential buyer, should be aware of. STEEL/VINYL POOL FIBERGLASS POOL 1. STRUCTURE 14 GAUGE STEEL USUALLY COATED WITH VARIOUS RUST PROTECTION PRODUCTS SUCH AS ZINC GALVANIZATION AND/OR ZAM COATING. NORMALLY MADE OF […]

How to Clean Your Pool Without Draining It

During the summer, it’s common for pool water to take a turn for the worse – especially if you’ve been away on vacation or neglected to clean it in a timely fashion. When this happens, many homeowners think the best solution is to drain the pool – but this isn’t the only way to fix […]

Safest Decks to Have Surrounding Your Swimming Pool

The area around your swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your landscape. It’s the space where everyone gathers while sitting poolside, it helps define your pool’s personality and style, and complements your backyard landscaping. There are a variety of manmade and natural materials that create a beautiful, safe pool deck. Out […]

The Pros & Cons of Salt Water Pools

Manual chlorine dispensing is the most common way to sanitize a pool, however it is no longer the only option. As approved alternatives, there are several options for a healthier and safer pool, including salt water chlorinators, and the more popular ionization. Pros Of Salt Water Pools The pros are easy. Salt water eliminates the […]

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pool

Considering investing in a pool this summer? Before you dive in, here are a few things to consider. Budget What is your budget? This will determine whether you choose a pool style that will go above ground, on ground or in-ground. Style Depending on your family, lifestyle, and environment or landscape, the pool type you […]

Differences Between In-Ground, Above Ground & On Ground Pools

Next summer when the mercury is rising, the kids are out of school and pleading to go swimming. What to do? Take them to the local swimming hole or put a pool in your own backyard. You have 3 options for your very own swimming pool. 1. Above Ground Pool This is the least expensive pool […]