The Pros & Cons of Salt Water Pools

Manual chlorine dispensing is the most common way to sanitize a pool, however it is no longer the only option. As approved alternatives, there are several options for a healthier and safer pool, including salt water chlorinators, and the more popular ionization. Pros Of Salt Water Pools The pros are easy. Salt water eliminates the […]

Things To Consider Before Getting A Pool

Considering investing in a pool this summer? Before you dive in, here are a few things to consider. Budget What is your budget? This will determine whether you choose a pool style that will go above ground, on ground or in-ground. Style Depending on your family, lifestyle, and environment or landscape, the pool type you […]

Differences Between In-Ground, Above Ground & On Ground Pools

Next summer when the mercury is rising, the kids are out of school and pleading to go swimming. What to do? Take them to the local swimming hole or put a pool in your own backyard. You have 3 options for your very own swimming pool. 1. Above Ground Pool This is the least expensive pool […]

Keeping Your Pool Clean: The Importance of Filter Media

One of the most important things to do when you have a pool is to ensure it is always clean by using the right types of filters. There are several forms of filters available for swimming pools, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Sand Filters The most commonly used filter is a sand […]

Advantages of Premium Vinyl Pool Liners

Premium Vinyl pool liners offer many benefits over industry standard liners. If you aren’t familiar with premium vinyl, we’re here to help. What is premium vinyl? Premium Vinyl is a liner with extra UV (ultra violet) inhibitors in the product, which diminishes fading, bleaching, and heat degradation. A premium vinyl pool liner from a reputable […]

How to Eliminate Hot Tub Bacteria

Nothing helps the day’s accumulated stress melt away quite like a nice long soak in a hot tub. Unfortunately, the same warm, steamy conditions that make hot tubs so heavenly also make them the perfect breeding ground for nasty microbes that can cause infections. If you’re irked about enjoying the many benefits of a hot […]

The Health Benefits of a Hot Tub are Many

We all love sitting in the hot tub because it helps us relax. But what does that relaxation really do for the human body? We know stress can have some incredibly damaging effects, including headaches, chest pain, elevated blood pressure, insomnia and ongoing upset stomach. Stress can also damage relationships. What else do we know […]

The Importance of Properly Balanced Pools and Spas

Properly balanced water is one of the keys to healthy swimming and hot tubbing. It is also a critical component in the lifespan of pool surfaces and vinyl liners, pumps, heaters, decks and deck equipment like ladders and rails. Some auto sanitizers – salt generators for example – have a tendency to negatively affect water balance, especially […]

Automatic Pool Cleaners

The days of manually vacuuming your pool are over. Automatic pool cleaners allow pool owners to enjoy their pool and not work on it. There are 3 types available: Suction – the most popular and least expensive Pressure – priced in the mid-range Robotic cleaners- the most expensive but definitely the best The Knowledge You […]